Dedicate each day to someone who never got a shot.

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By Brad Beckstrom

Regardless of where you are in your life right now, there’s a very good chance that if you’re reading this, someone would die to be in your shoes.  In fact, there’s a good chance that someone did die to be in your shoes.

Meaning that they sacrificed their life for freedom, or they left this earth too early with so much more to do. An image in the 3/29/15 Washington Post displayed a Syrian flag made up of  220,000 individual dots, each one representing a life lost since the pro-democracy protests in Syria began nearly four years ago. How many of them were children, or people just beginning their adult lives?  People who never got their shot, never got a chance to shine.

It seems like some of these tragically sad stories quickly enter our consciousness and then depart, whether it be a devastating Asian tsunami, a suicide airline crash, or the latest school shooting.  Few of us like to dwell on bad news. There is often little we can do to prevent or  remedy these tragedies happening half a world away.

When I see or hear something like this, I think about just one of these people, just one person in that war, just one person on that plane, or in that classroom who never got their shot. Someone who probably had something amazing to share.

Each day I think of someone new. It could be someone in a photo or someone who lived many years ago. I dedicate my day to them. It helps me think about how valuable each day we have here is and how we have the opportunity to waste it, or spend it doing something great.

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