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All you need is an on ramp. The 5 minute a day habit to overcome any distraction.

on ramp

By Brad Beckstrom

 I heard this story twice in the same week on two different podcasts.  It’s a simple story about a guy who knew he needed to start jogging but couldn’t find the time to make it happen. It was always something, he was busy, he was traveling, so it was easy to find excuses.  No need to list his excuses, we all know them.

One day a friend told him he needed an on ramp to get his run started. He wasn’t talking about the on ramp on the interstate, just a small ramp to get the ball rolling. His friend told him to plan on running five minutes a day. That’s it.  Just five minutes per day.

The guy figured “Heck, I can roll out of bed for a five minute run.”  Once the shoes were on, Read more…