Stop Getting Shaved on Razors


What in the hell goes on with the cost of razors? I mean, before I truly embraced my Frug muscles, SuperK and I would get our razors, like many people do, at the grocery store or maybe Target.  I was buying various Gillette razors like Fusion Pro Glide and Kelly was buying a variety of individual high-end disposable razors. Just the Gillette Fusion refills run $26 for an 8 Pack!

The women’s Venus disposable razors my lovely wife SuperK was buying were equally as bad $22 for a six pack – with with the added insult of filling landfills with a perfectly usable plastic handle each time you were done with said disposable razor.

It’s one of those small purchases that a lot of people don’t think about. It just gets chucked in the cart with the rest of the groceries or shampoo. Then I saw this video about the Dollar Shave Club along with the 12 million other people who watched it. The video was great and it really helped expose how ridiculously overpriced razors are.  Once you get to the site, you’ll find that the decent razors are actually six or nine dollars per month, per member. That’s a big savings over drugstore or even Amazon prices. However, it’s a “club.”  Basically, a club that requires monthly payments.

This was a problem. The Frug Hates Clubs, especially any club that requires a monthly fee. In my opinion, the only type of recurring revenue people should have in their life is incoming recurring revenue, not outgoing. All of these clubs really start to add up. Think about it, Microsoft Xbox $9.99 a month, shave club, satellite radio club, all billing you every month forever, regardless of whether you use up the services or not.

So, I was not joining another club. I did a little research and found the the company that supplies most of the Dollar Shave Club’s razors.  The company is DorcoUSA.  I know, pretty weak name but fantastic razors for men and women, and even better prices.

I just loaded up with a six months supply of razors for myself, my wife and my teenage son for $33.35.  This year, I’ll spend about $90 to keep the family in razors. For the three of us to join a club for a year, it would be over $215 for the medium priced blades at Dollar Shave Club and over $390 at a box store like Target.

The great news is that these are better quality shavers and a lot of the specials even include the occasional new razor with cartridge refills.  Check out our latest order and compare this to what you’re paying.

The Frug Shaving Solution

SuperK even found that the men’s quad razors work better for her than the women’s version.  Here is a link for 15% off your order.  If this offer stops working, let me know in the comments below.


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